Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Son

What can I say about Josh? It is hard to know where to begin. Josh was raised by college age kids...which I think is probably the equivalent of being raised by wolves.

He started talking before he started walking, and really hasn't stopped to take much of a breath since. The first two words he really put together were "Cawolee's awful" - and if any of you know Carolee - she is ANYTHING, but awful! Sorry Carolee...he was prompted I'm very sure!

I'm not sure how much of a childhood he had. He grew up with us, and we just took him along wherever we went. As a result, he has friends of all ages and rarely meets a stranger. When he was 4 1/2, along came baby sister Jenni and he became a big brother and hero, and she became his side-kick.

Josh is very much my "extreme" child. He has always been very active, and loves to try new things. Whether it's martial arts, hockey, cycling, scuba diving, rappelling or jumping out of a plane - he has tried it. Josh has always had a large circle of friends. If he said, "hey Mom a few friends are coming over for a movie night" - we quickly learned to expect 15 to 20 cars when we arrived at home. When we moved him to the larger basement room, he immediately started building his own furniture. Little did we know...this would become his life's work when he was making such a noisy mess downstairs.
When Josh was 17 he met Chassi and fell in love. They got married when they turned 19 and since then have taken on "extreme parenting". They quickly found out how fertile they were... and they have 3 beautiful girls to show for it. Anna Belle 4, Morgan 3 and Emri 9 months. They are all very precious and energetic and Emri is already beginning to talk at 9 months. It makes me smile to hear him saying the same things to them that I said so many times to him.

Chassi has been one of my biggest supporters these past few months. She has kept my house clean, grocery shopped and kept me positive every day. We are blessed to have her in our family.

Josh worked for a couple of cabinet makers for several years, and now he is running his own business "Wildwood Custom Furniture". He makes beautiful tables, desks, chests, cutting boards, etc... He is currently making a broadcast desk for WSM and the Grand Ole Opry. I'll add his website to this blog, as soon as it is up and running fully. His email is , if you have any custom furniture needs.

Of the billions of questions Josh asked me when he was a child there are a couple I never could answer:
  • "What does the giraffe say?"
  • "If Wonder Woman put her golden "lasso of truth" around you, would you tell the truth as you knew it, or the absolute truth?"
 Feel free to help me with these.

I have said it many times, it has been physically and mentally exhausting to raise Josh, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

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Josh said...

What can I say. I appreciate you more everyday. You were so patient with me and even now you are my biggest supporter (I fear I owe you a salary for advertizing). I draw from what I learned from you every day raising my own handfuls. You and dad are great friends, parents, and grandparents and we love you and are so proud of you. -Josh