Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beautiful weekend

It was a beautiful spring weekend in Nashville. Light jacket weather morning and evening, and short sleeves mid day. Friday night we celebrated Nikki, Megan and Tara's birthdays at the Red Pony Restaurant in downtown Franklin. The food was great, a bit pricey, but I highly recommend it for special occasions.

Saturday I bought some climbing vines that I hope will thrive and climb up my pergola this summer. I got those planted and disposed off all the dead plants in my outdoor pots. Last spring when I had my surgery my friends decorated my deck with palms and beautiful plants that thrived until winter set in. I can't wait to replant and make it as spectacular as they had it again. It was a very calming oasis for me last spring and summer while I was healing and taking chemo. I thank GOD every day for my fabulous family and friends!

Sunday we had family lunch with the whole clan. Anna, Morgan and Emri had a great time playing on the deck with their Disney fairies. Then Sunday evening Jenni and I had dinner at Carrabbas with our friends Macie and Katherine. 

We love Carrabbas in Green Hills- Eric Martino (Katherine's husband) is the proprietor. Also, Josh is working there several evenings a week, so you may run into him as well. He is a pretty fanta-bulous waiter, as you would imagine. If you go by there make sure you say hello to Eric and Josh!

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Katherine and Eric said...

Ahhh Spring! It feels so good doesn't it?

I had a lovely time with you (both Friday AND Sunday!) I'm so lucky to have you (and your family!) as my friend!