Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Doctor visit today

I met with Dr. Melvin Law today. He is a Orthopedic surgeon and his specialty is spinal injury/disease. He looked over my MRI results and the cyst that is on my T-spine (T-5) and agrees it looks like a cyst that has been there all my life. He does not feel it is cancerous. I probably would have never known it was there, if I hadn’t had all these other crazy test this past year.

He went on to give me a lesson in embryology and said probably when cells were dividing and I was forming that some of my tracheal or esophageal cells attached themselves to my spine and caused this cyst to form. He had a name for the types of cells they are- I guess they can tell that from the MRI. He said I don’t have the typical scoliosis and that this cyst could have caused my curve in my spinal column as I grew.

So…basically it’s just a birth defect, and I shouldn’t worry. When I told Jenni what Dr. Law said her response was “Oh mom, that probably means you ate your twin”. Kids, they can be sooo supportive.

I will have a follow up MRI in one year, and they can see if it has grown any. If it has and it causes back pain or any other symptoms then they can remove it. He said often they don’t grow and that this clump of cells would be no more likely to form any type of cancer than any other cells.

My bones did look a little thin to him on the x-rays. This could be caused from the chemo. They drew a vitamin D level and I am to take Vitamin D and Calcium daily and exercise of course.

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