Monday, March 9, 2009

New Favorite Read...

While wandering the book section I ran across the books "Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips" and "Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor". I wish I had found these 6 months ago - I already love them!

Kris Carr (the author) has just the attitude I respect and love and I am really enjoying her books. Here's an excerpt from Kris' blog explaining the title:

"The title was meant to kick cancer in it’s place, NOT to glorify it. Tragically, cancer is sometimes a part of life and too many people give it more power than the nasty thing deserves. Cancer is a BIG part of my life, it is a chronic disease that I may have to live with forever. Cancer ISN’T sexy, the soulful women who have it ARE. We are warriors, angels, vibrant hot tomatoes and cancer can not take that away from us. Cancer cowgirls are empowered, whole, thrivers with or without the disease. I refuse to let cancer break my spirit, victimize me, or make me feel like a sick person - so I CHOOSE to believe that I am more alive, beautiful and yes, sexier (AKA empowered, passionate and intriguing) than ever before! Why not?
A little back story for you, Crazy Sexy Cancer was originally the subject heading for the mass email updates I would write to my friends and family. I wanted them to know that just because something really scary and dark had changed my life, I hadn’t changed. I still had my sense of humor, I was still willing to poke fun at things (especially stigmas), to challenge perceptions and flip the script. I wasn’t going to amputate parts of myself to fit into the new (and tiny) cancer box.
I don’t look at my journey as if it is a battle (partly because I hope I don’t lose) so instead I call it my cancer adventure story. It is a documentary film about how I coped with cancer. Since there is no cure and no treatment for my disease I live with it everyday. By calling it crazy sexy cancer I demystify it and redefine it for myself. It makes me feel a little lighter and a lot stronger- NOT shackled and shelved like damaged goods.
Cancer is still something people whisper about and feel shamed by. I understand feeling angry and powerless in the wake of this disease all too well. But aren’t we all so tired of swallowing the pain, suffering and words we dare not say? Who doesn’t feel like roaring? Crazy SEXY cancer makes me feel liberated. I hope it does for you too. Sexy doesn’t come from a black dress, perfect size 6, great boobs etc. Sexy women are confident and powerful gals who speak their truth. Sexy isn’t sinful and nasty, it’s electric and loving."

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