Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One more consult

On March 10th I have yet another consult scheduled. Dr. Whitworth called and said he feels like I need to get another opinion of the cyst/enlarged vein or whatever it is on my T-spine. This is nothing new, it's the same area they saw before my original surgery. I had it re-scanned in January and they didn't feel like it was any different.
I talked to Dr. Peacock about this as well and she had a Neurosurgeon look over the MRI results. All the doctors seem to be in agreement that this area does NOT look cancerous, but they all do agree that I should follow up and see what it might be. So I will be a good patient and go in and get another opinion. I will be seeing Dr. Melvin Law. I am sure he is a great doctor and all, but I am SO ready to be through with doctors!

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