Monday, October 12, 2009

Great day at the Race

Saturday was the Komen Race for the Cure here in Nashville. The weather was a bit chilly, but thankfully the rain stayed away. We had over 40 people sign up for the "Fight like a girl" team this year. I had planned to get everyone together for a team photo, but it was a bit chaotic to say the least. I heard there were over 11,000 people there, which explains why it was very hard to gather everyone in one place.

This year was a much easier walk for me and I really enjoyed the day. I tried to make my way around and walk and talk with each person that I could find from our team. Except for you brave runners...I didn't attempt to keep up with you!

Here are just a few photos from the day.

Thank you so much for everyone that contributed or walked on Saturday, some here in Nashville and some in other areas.

Team members: Amber, Kathy, Beth, Nancy, Jewel, Stefini, Jane, John, Amy, Denise G., Katherine, Elizabeth, Rosalee, Isabel, Joyce, Jennie, Denise A., Elijha, Sophie, Mike, Lori, Clifford, Adelia, Deanna, Logan, Lauren, Abbey, Lara, Hannah, Chris, Shanell, Amy, Sarah, Lisa, Linda W., Franklin, Michael, Sandy, Kim, Larry, Linda C., Anna, Morgan, Emri, Josh, Chassi, Jenni, Bryan, Bob and Brenda.

I am very blessed to have each of you in my life!

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