Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween weekend 2010

Halloween is a big holiday at Onlife. We have a costume contest each year and our department, once again, chose a theme. This year we were Disney characters, and I was Snow White.

Evil Queen, Sock Monkey and Snow White
 My friend Amy knitted her own sock monkey costume. It was amazing! She won our work costume contest, and also the contest at the Wildhorse on Halloween night.

Later that night (Friday) we attended a Halloween party at a friends, so I headed home and hung up my princess dress. For the evening party Bryan was Frankenstein and I was his bride.

On Halloween night (Sunday) we celebrated at the Spears. They host an annual Halloween chili dinner and night of trick or treating. It's always a great night for our families and friends to get togehter, and the kids look forward to trick or treating as a group. Thanks for another great fall celebration Mike and Lori!

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