Thursday, November 4, 2010


photo by Bryan Hall
Last night we saw John Mellencamp at the Ryman Auditorium. John is 59 years old now, and we have seen him several times since the 80s and he always puts on an amazing show. One thing you can say about John is that he speaks his mind, stands up for what he believes and he makes music on his terms. Even though sometimes he is harsh, I respect his ability to completely voice his opinions. This album is very bluesy - it was recorded at the First African Baptist Church in Savannah, Georgia, Sun Studios in Memphis and the Sheraton Gunter Hotel in San Antonio. He wanted to go back to the roots of blues to summon the strength and spirits of the great musicians of the past.

I love seeing shows at the Ryman. Not only is it a beautiful building, but it has awesome acoustics and as you sit in those wooden bench seats you can just feel the vibes of all the great shows it has hosted through the years. As we were leaving I noticed how some people had discarded their used drinking glasses in the aisles of this incredible building. They had people standing by with garbage bags to clean all this up. This is one thing I don't understand. How can anyone disrespect such an amazing place, or actually any place by trashing it. We are so blessed in this country and we often totally miss that.

One of my favorite quotes from his new collection is "Life is short, even in the longest of days". So so true! Thank you John for another great album!

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Anonymous said...

With age, many rock 'n' rollers get better - like Huey Lewis! I got to enjoy him rockin' it in 2006 at age 56 at Red Rocks in Colorado. (A) I've loved him since I was little and had never caught one of his concerts. (B) It was my first Red Rocks concert too. All in all - it was an amazing night!

On another note, my Momma always taught me to clean up after myself. I hate it when people leave a venue completely trashed because they can't be bothered to keep a cup in their hand as they walk out and hit the trashcan. :(