Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I have loved the band U2 for many years, but I have never seen them in concert. They are fabulous musicians and seem like wonderful people as well. A band with this large a following rarely comes to this area, and when they do they usually sell out immediately.

Last summer when Jenni was on her European adventure, she emailed me and said she had the chance to buy a ticket to see U2 play a stadium show with some friends. She was undecided because she hadn't budgeted for it. I of course, said she HAD to go and offered to buy her ticket for her birthday. It was her 21st birthday and where better to celebrate than with U2 in Berlin! Jenni loved the concert, although I think she enjoyed the opening band as much as she liked U2. I was beginning to think the closest I would ever get to seeing them, was watching her video and looking at her photos from the show. Until a week or so ago...

The local media announced that U2 would be  playing at Vanderbilt's stadium this summer. I was determined to try and get tickets when they went on sale. As it happened, one of my co-workers is a Vandy alum and he helped me get tickets during the pre-sale. According to the stadium diagram our seats should be great and I am very excited.

Thanks Brad - I owe you!

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