Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Camping at Fall Creek Falls, Pikeville, TN

I thought as an adult I would not cave to peer pressure, but when my dinner club friends invited us camping, in October, I decided to join in. Camping is not bad, I've camped before. Anyone that knows me knows that I love fire - I love candles, bonfires and as a youngster I loved making burned paper pictures. The scenario even got better, the campsite had a bath-house, a plug for electricity and you could drive up to the campsite. It's the OCTOBER part that I didn't fully take into account.

So we set out to Fall Creek Falls family campground. Bryan actually went up on Friday night with some of the guys, and I followed on Saturday with Catherine. We had a large roomy tent, an air mattress and warm sleeping bags. We ate delicious burgers, tenderloin, veggies, smores, popcorn and cider. The guys played football, we tried out the swings and took a walk. We didn't take into account the COLD! I almost bought a heater to take with us. Had I done this, it would have been a much better night. Catherine and I almost froze, but we made it through the night and came out alive. There's another one to mark off the bucket list - camping in October!
If anyone wants to ask me to go camping - let's make it in the early fall or spring. Never again when it's 30 degrees outside!

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