Friday, August 22, 2008

The husband

Lots of you have asked how Bryan is doing during all this. He is still pretty quiet, so it is hard to tell, but he says he is doing ok. I can tell you he has been pretty amazing with me, especially right after surgery when I was completely helpless. He quickly learned to change dressings, empty drains, brush my hair and gently shove me out of bed or off the couch when I couldn't use either of my arms. He hasn't run screaming from the room yet, and I have been very proud of him.
Bryan and I got married when we were teens, so through the years we've been compared to all the couples in the songs...Tommy and Gina, Jack and Diane, Brenda and Eddie...and on and on... Take a young couple, throw in two unique kids and quite frankly I'm sure most of our life together could be summed up by the title "Livin' on a prayer". We both grew up with great supportive families, his is smaller and quieter and mine is loud and large.
Bryan has a had a mistress since before we married, she has six strings, is made of wood and varies in color. Her name is usually Fender...Gibson...Ibanez...or Les Paul. He also has his best friend Mike and they enjoy writing songs and playing music every Thursday night. I learned pretty quickly when music is in your blood, you have to be playing or you are NOT happy. So he has his music room to retreat to for his "daily fix" and that gives me my own time to watch the chick channel, read or do some art project. We have found this works well for both of us. We both love to travel, go to concerts and try new restaurants - we occasionally agree on which movie to see. Although I will NEVER agree that "Pulp Fiction" is appropriate for an anniversary date.
Coming soon: blogs on "The son" and "The daughter"

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