Friday, September 11, 2009

Dr. Wagstrom follow up

I saw Dr. Wagstrom (plastic surgeon) today. She is very pleased with my progress and how my surgery has turned out. I have healed very well and my scars are fading more each month. I was to have my tattoos touched up today, but the nurse that does that was overbooked, so I will have to go back another day to get that done. 

Dr. Wagstrom and her staff were featured in the summer issue of Nashville's best for Health and Wellness. I knew I had fabulous people taking care of me, and this article and recognition just confirms it even more. 

Lisa and Jenni went with me to the appointment, and then we had a nice lunch at Which Wich and then shopped at Trader Joes. It makes me thankful not only for my family, and my health, but for our freedom - especially on this day September 11th. It is so easy to take things for granted, living here in America. I think I need to stop and write out my grateful list today and say an extra prayer for all those who serve our communities and our country. 

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