Saturday, September 5, 2009

Long stressful week at work

I try my hardest to leave work stuff at work and not let stress get to me. I know it is not good for me physically to be stressed, but it is quite a challenge right now to remain unaffected. I truly believe in the company I work for and the mission that we have. However the economy is bad and I realize that when businesses have to start cutting benefits, wellness programs are some of the first to go.
So...the rumors of layoffs have begun and the stress level rises each day. Lately the bathrooms seem to be a hot-bed of nausea and crying jags. I hope upper management realizes how hard it is to focus when everyone is fearing for their jobs on a daily basis. I hope they make their decisions wisely and quickly so we can all just move on with our jobs, or find something new.
My goal is to turn it all over to God and just know that whatever happens-- it will be for the best and I will be just fine.

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Sarah said...

yes, work is definitely in a weird and stressful phase right now! Hang in there...