Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bruce Springsteen

On Wednesday, Joyce and I went to the Sommet to see Springsteen and the E Street band. The show was fantastic. The band still has so much energy and soul. It's hard to believe that Bruce is 60 years old and sings and plays full-out for almost 3 hours. Also Clarence, post bypass surgery, is still amazing the crowd with his saxophone every night. Of course, then I have to stop and remind myself of how old I am and then they don't seem so old at all.

Springsteen's music is part of the soundtrack of my life. I can't hear Pink Cadillac without thinking of summer camp and the year that song was released. We must have played it a thousand times - probably on our cassettes or 8 tracks.

At the end of every show Bruce takes requests from the audience. Here is his rendition of Santa Claus is coming to Town; it is one of my favorites.
Thank you Joyce for being an awesome friend and for a fabulous night out!

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