Saturday, November 21, 2009

Family photos

We had family photos done last Sunday afternoon. My friend Katherine's brother Mark started a nationwide business called Family Tree Photography and they have recently franchised with Costco.

Family Tree wanted some families to help them kick off the Nashville area, so we gladly agreed. Here is a preview of the photos taken that day. In addition to our family - it shows the Martino, Spears and Gossett families. . As you can tell, Emri's forehead was down to a purple bruise by Sunday. Also I'm thankful I had an apple in my bag, or we would have never gotten a shot of her. She is about to turn two years old and wasn't really excited about standing still for photos. She was much more interested in gathering rocks, leaves and exploring the park.

We know several great photographers in the area, in addition to Family Tree. Here are a couple I recommend:

Of course I can't say this without mentioning Jenni and Bryan, who are also amazing photographers, although they do more nature and inanimate object photography.

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