Saturday, January 2, 2010

Missing my Mom

December 27th is my Mom's birthday and I always think of her even more on that day. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss having her here with us. When I am in a store, or hear a song, read a book and think - oh, Mom would love this. I know she would be having a great time with Josh's girls and I am sad they never got to know her. She was a very big part of Josh and Jenni's life and I am thankful for the time they had with her. They loved their "Reba" and she was crazy about them. She and Jenni used to love watching musicals, talking fashion and analyzing all the available princes in the world. Before Jenni came along Josh used to make Mom be his side kick. If he was playing Captain Hook, she would have to be Smee. She was always such a good sport about it.

I see pieces of Mom in Linda, Lisa and Jenni and even in myself. Even though she cannot physically be here with us anymore; I do feel her prescence with us everyday and that is comforting. Thank you for being an awesome Mom - I love you!

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