Saturday, January 2, 2010

Santa has arrived!

Christmas morning was loud and exciting at our house. Jenni was home and Josh, Chassi and the girls spent the night as well. Santa ate his cookies, drank his milk and left lots of presents. Anna, Morgan and Emri got Disney dolls and lots of other toys. Josh got a replacement Teddy Ruxpin, Chassi got the Annie DVD, and Jenni got a driedel bear.

When Josh was little he loved his Teddy Ruxpin. He loved listening to the stories that Teddy would tell him. Then one day Josh put a Van Halen tape in Teddy and the poor bear couldn't keep up with the lyrics, his mouth stopped working, eyes rolled back in his head and that was the end of Teddy. Hopefully this replacement will fare better.

As for Jenni's driedel bear. When Jenni was in first grade her teacher had them celebrate every holiday on the calendar. We learned so much that year about other holiday traditions and celebrations. Jenni made a driedel that year and for several years after that wanted to make sure we played it each year. This year I was able to find her a dreidel bear - and she loved it!

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