Thursday, May 6, 2010

Angels of the Mud

When floods engulfed Florence in the 70s, volunteers from all over Italy worked day and night for weeks, in horrid conditions, to rescue what could be saved. The grateful people dubbed them "I Angeli del Fango". The Angels of the Mud. Nashville has it's own Angels of the Mud right now.

Tennessee is the volunteer state and Nashville particularly has some wonderful volunteers. Most of the Red Cross shelters have an overabundance of food and supplies. Many of the churches in town are taking in donations and feeding and clothing hundreds of people every day. People are opening their homes to strangers and donating their money and their time. Bryan and I have been trying to do our part to help. I've been gathering personal supplies, cleaning supplies, clothing and water and getting them where they need to go. Bryan worked Saturday at the Pennington Bend area helping clean out a couple of houses. He said the whole time he was working there was a steady stream of volunteers supplying help, food and water to anyone and everyone in need. We just each have to continue doing everything we can do, no matter how big or small it is.

I have no doubt Nashville will survive and thrive, but we could sure use lots of prayers right now!

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