Thursday, May 6, 2010

The rains came down...

Saturday it began to rain. The weather man said to expect thunderstorms, this is usual stuff for Tennessee during this season. We are used to rain, thunderstorms and sadly enough, even tornadoes. So it rained, and rained and kept raining. Not just showers but a steady downpour. Josh and Jenni were at a Red Cross class in downtown Franklin. They called and said the class had let out, because flood warnings had been issued. Bryan and I turned on the TV and began to get worried. Chassi had dropped the girls off at her sister Tiffany's house at 11 and headed to her book club in Crieve Hall. She called at 2pm and asked what was going on. We told her to stay put and not get on the roads. Josh and Jenni ended up taking 3 or 4 detours before they finally ended up where Chassi was at their friends house (Vetters) in Crieve Hall. We quickly realized more was going on than just rain. Nashville was flooding and not minor flooding.

Chassi was very stressed about not being able to get to her girls, but if she had headed out at 2pm, she would have been on 24 very close to the horrendous flooding that submerged 130 cars. We are so thankful she did not take that chance. Tiffany's neighborhood had flooding at the entrance and the girls ended up staying there until Monday morning. It was comforting to know they were safely in the care of family. All and all, it was a long stressful weekend for us and we were some of the lucky ones whose homes stayed dry and had electricity. We had flooding all around us, so we could not leave but that was minor compared to what was going on in our city.

Bryan took a few photos near our home early on, while we could still get out of our neighborhood. I'll include a few of those. You don't often see a firetruck pulling a boat, but this was a common occurance all weekend.

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