Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kayne Prime

We've been planning to celebrate our 30th anniversary with a trip to Kayne Prime since June 30th. With selling, packing, moving out, etc.. we just kept putting it off one more week.

We finally decided we just had to go before we left town, so we picked a Sunday night and headed downtown. Kayne Prime is located in the Gulch area and it has a beautiful view of Union Station and the Nashville skyline.

We dined on lobster deviled eggs, homemade bacon w/maple cotton candy, wagyu filet mignon, crème corn brulee  and potato aligot. For dessert they brought us a candle on a plate and chocolate marscapone gelato.

I cannot say enough about the service or the food, both were divine! If you have any special occasion to celebrate and you are in Nashville - head down to M Street and visit Kayne Prime. Of course Virago and Tavern are two of my favorites and well. 

Thank you to our good friends the Martinos for making sure we had a cozy table and a awesome meal to celebrate 30 years of marriage!

We love you Eric and Katherine!

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Katherine said...

I've been behind on my blogs! You are so welcome! But, that was actually a bribe to make you stay in Nashville. DARN IT! didn't work :(. Miss youuuuuuu!!!!