Wednesday, August 21, 2013

San Francisco with Jenni

Jenni and I decided to take a Mom-Daughter trip to San Francisco and then finish it off with a trip to Sacramento to our family reunion.

Jenni has been with us to San Francisco several times, but not since she was an adult. We had a great time visiting lots of the places we went when she was smaller and added a few more. I introduced her to Chinatown shopping, we went vintage shopping in the Haight and she introduced me to some cool places she had found on Urbanspoon. I even drank coffee each morning with her. For those who know me, this was BIG. Coke zero is what's usually in my coffee mug each morning.

We took a little detour on our way to Sacramento through wine country and stopped off at the Dry Creek General Store for a little nourishment. I was trying to get her picture with the locals, but they made me sit down and be in the photo too!

What a wonderful trip we had - I love hanging out with you Jen!

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