Wednesday, January 28, 2009's cold

It is very cold in Nashville this week. On our way to work today, we had rain, that turned to sleet and then before we got to Cool Springs (12-15 miles away), it was snowing! Schools were closed and everyone was in a panic. By 10:00 am all precipitation had stopped and the rest of the day it was just bitter cold.

I reverted back to wearing my hat today. I really don't know how these "voluntarily bald" guys do it. My hair is coming back in very quickly, but I still get so cold.

I am VERY thankful to have hair again, but I'll be glad when it grows long enough that it doesn't stick straight up. Bryan says it looks kind of like Joan Jett's hair.

I guess that is an improvement from a few months ago, when my nephew Michael said :

"Aunt Laura -you look like him" and held up a Tommy Pickles toy. THAT definitely wasn't the look I was going for. : )

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Katherine and Eric said...

ohhhh so thats the character you were talking about! I'd say you are way prettier than that! And your hair is way thicker too!