Wednesday, January 21, 2009


In the past few years I've gotten away from watching too much TV and reading more. I think when my kids were little I just didn't have the time or energy to read, except for Dr. Seuss of course.

There are some days I don't even turn the TV on, but other times I just flip channels until I find something to entertain me.

Here are some of my new favorites, in no particular order:
1. "Whatever, Martha!" (FLN) -Martha Stewart's daughter and her friend, watching her Mom's show and making comments - pretty funny stuff - I'm wondering what Martha thinks of this show?
2. "Spectacle" (Sundance) - Elvis Costello's talk show - great variety of guests - Elton John, James Taylor, and on and on...
this is one of my favorite episodes
4. "All girl-getaways" (FLN) no explanation needed - we need to plan one of these soon!
5. "The art of the party" (FLN) I love to entertain and this has great ideas - if only I had their budget...
6. "Napa Style" (FLN) organic food and hand crafted furniture and wares
7. "Yard Crashers" (DIY) feel free to sign me up for this - I would love for them to come fix my back yard
8. "Take home Chef" (TLC) great show

Feel free to send me your favorites, and I will check them out.

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Lisa Thomas said...

Oh! I also love Spectacle and Iconoclasts. Why haven't we talked about this yet?