Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bridesmaid dresses

I've been resistant to being a bridesmaid. I just felt like I was a bit too old to play that part, but Lisa's heart seems to be set on being surrounded by family on her wedding day and we can't deny her that. So we've been bridesmaid dress shopping for several weeks without much luck.

Then last week, Linda, Jenni, Lisa and I met after work for another round of shopping. We tried on several dresses, but just couldn't find the fit that worked for all of us. Then Lisa suggested we stop in Ann Taylor really quickly, because it was 20 minutes until they closed. We walked in the door and there was a rack by the front door of dresses in all our sizes and in one of the colors Lisa had chosen. We all felt it was a sign, grabbed the dresses and ran to the dressing rooms giggling. They all fit pretty well, so we each bought one and breathed a big sigh of relief.

Now on to the groomsmen attire - what should they wear?

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