Sunday, April 11, 2010

Little Girls day out

Anna, Morgan and Emri spent the night with us on Friday night. Chassi was running in a race early on Saturday and Josh and Bryan were working, so it was just me and the little girls. Friday night was full of dolls, tea parties and coloring. Emri was up bright and early (7am) on Saturday and she started in with the "why" questions right away. I had forgotten how funny and then exhausting it can be to answer the same questions over and over. I begged her to lay back down for just a little while, but she would have none of it. By 8am we were all up and eating breakfast. At 10:30 we loaded up and headed to Murfreesboro to watch Michael's ballgame and celebrate his 6th birthday.

The birthday party was at "Lanes, Trains and Automobiles" a new venue not too far from Linda's house. Everyone enjoyed pizza, bumper cars, video games and bowling; they even had a ramp so Emri could bowl with the group. She was so sleepy she wandered around with her blanket when it wasn't her turn to bowl.

Thanks for the fun day - Happy Birthday Michael!

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