Saturday, April 24, 2010

Check up time again

I had a full day of check ups on Wednesday. I had appointments both with Dr. Whitworth (oncology surgeon) and Dr. Peacock (oncologist).

Norma, the nurse practitioner in Dr. Whitworth's office reminded me to celebrate my 2 year survivor anniversary. She said that reaching the 2 year mark after diagnosis is a big step. It always makes me feel better to hear encouraging news from my doctors and their staff. Dr. Peacock also said my exam and lab work looked great and she may let me graduate to coming every 6 months beginning in July. She also reassured me that the random shooting pains I have in my chest are still just nerve endings regenerating. So I'll be patient and try not to complain; getting some feeling back in that area would be nice. It's strange to have a chest that feels like it's asleep all the time.

Bryan and one of my friends have already started talking about having a dinner celebration in June to mark my 2 year survivor anniversary. Having such supportive family and friends really does make a big difference in my journey. I love you all!

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