Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Today, as I write this, my friend Denise is having her breast removed. Denise was diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks ago and has been on the whirlwind of doctors appointments, MRIs, blood work and decisions, decisions, decisions. I've met with her several times since she found out and we've talked a lot by phone and text while she tried to make sense of what is happening.

My last text from her late last night was: "What to wear home from the hospital? Pjs? Jeans? Evening gown with heels?" I told her if she wore an evening gown with heels I would personally make sure there was paparazzi there to document it.

I'm glad she is keeping her sense of humor, because in the absurdity of it all - you have to start laughing, because crying begins to dehydrate you after a while.

Denise - you are in my thoughts and prayers today!

BREAKING NEWS: Denise came through surgery well and has clear nodes! Yay-God!


Tammi said...

It's nice to read your blog. Denise is my friend too and I'm so happy that her surgery was a success. I'm glad she has you in her life since you've had this same detour and you're a SURVIVOR!

Wendy said...

I enjoy reading your blog very much!!!
You're writting is exceptional.


Scintilla said...

Hello Laura,
I am so happy for your friend. Breast Cancer runs in our family too. My mother died two years ago, I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer a few months after and my sister had a double mastectomy a month ago after the in situ cancer like your friend. It's horrible to live through and after for the fear of it reoccurring but it makes you appreciate your life so much more.
Take care, rosa