Wednesday, September 8, 2010

uh...know your body

Ok, so I haven't been to the dermatologist in years. The last time I went was to get my spider veins on my legs dissolved. Years of being on my feet working as a nurse caused me to go, out of vanity, to get them taken care of. While I was there they removed a mole or two and all was fine. That was so many years ago, I was not even in Belle Meade Dermatology's electronic system. They said my files were in the archives.

Last week, I decided after my whole conversation on "know your body" I should go again for a skin check. I called to make an appointment and they could see me on Tuesday morning - wow that was fast! So, in I went for a body check. The doctor looked me over and said she would remove 3 areas and send them off for biopsy. She really was only concerned with one area from my mid-back that had atypical borders, but as a rule they biopsy anything they remove. It was a quick, painless procedure and I will hear results later this week. Until then I will try not to worry and change my bandaids as instructed. Oh, and by the way - they thought my implants were impressive! : )

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