Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The loss of a parent

There are some things in life that change you. The loss of a parent is one of them. One of my good friends that I have known since childhood lost her father this week. I was glad we could go and be with her at the hospital, and then later at the funeral.

I'll admit though, it was tough, it's been ten years since we lost mother, but seeing them go through this grief brings it all back. Even when we know that they are better off without all the pain and suffering, we still miss them. It took me years to not pick up the phone to call Mom when something happy, scary, sad or fascinating happened. During those times I would just totally forget she was no longer on this earth with us. I know she is still with us, watching over us. I see her every day in my children and even in my grand girls. I just wish she could have known Anna, Morgan and Emri. She would be sewing princess dresses like crazy for those little girls, and they would love their Reba!

I have four friends that are my age, my grade, my youth group, my graduating class - people once called us the four musketeers. We were together from birth - our parents worked together, we played together, learned together, we grew up together, were grounded together, even quadruple dated together. At this point all but one of us has now lost a parent, and one of us has lost both. We will get through this and we will always be there for each other in presence, spirit and love. I love you Kim, Amber and Allison!


soul and culture said...

I think in some ways, every time one of my friends lose a parent, my loss is made more poignant again for a while. And it seems to have happened a lot this year, especially these last few months.

If there is a positive in the here-and-now, for me I think it is that having been thru great loss has taught me how to be with others in their own grief, and to not be afraid of it.

Wendy said...

You four girls were very lucky to have that bond from birth. Never take it for granted.