Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Josh and Jenni were big fans of my mother. They called her Reba. This started when Josh was a baby and we were on a car trip. He heard my Dad say Reba, and that is all it took. Josh sat in the backseat of the car and said Ree-baaa, Ree-baa over and over and she was known as nothing else after that. She loved it!

Jenni came by last week and told me she had decided to get a tattoo. She wanted to put Reba's name or date of birth on her as a remembrance. Now I didn't grow up in a tattooed family, so it took me a little bit to absorb all of this. Josh has a tattoo, but he has always been my extreme kid. Jenni is my sweet little girl who refused to wear pants (until Jasmine came along), and was obsessed with marrying into royalty so she could be a princess.

Jenni originally wanted to get this on her wrist. She had figured out what size it would need to be to wear a watch or bracelet to cover this. This didn't work because Jenni has very small wrists. She ended up getting it on her side and Josh went with her. He said she was a real trooper and didn't even wince!

Wow! I don't really understand why they want to tattoo their bodies, but I love my kids and I think Reba is probably smiling down tonight loving them too. If my mom taught me anything it was unconditional love!

It says "Reba Jane" in Russian, because Jenni thinks this is the most attractive written language. (it's hard to photograph, because it wraps around her mid-section, but it can be hidden with clothes)


soul and culture said...

No, we didn't really grow up in tattooed families in Henderson, did we?!

I often wonder if my mom is smiling or rolling her eyes at the magnolia tattoo I'm sporting on my left arm in her memory.

Laura Thomas Hall said...

If I know our moms -they are probably smiling WHILE rolling their eyes.

Wendy said...

I am with you in the confusion about tattooing but how sweet!!!
When they have such a beautiful sentiment it's hard not to be moved.
thanks for sharing