Tuesday, September 28, 2010


If you have read some of my other posts, you probably know I believe that sometimes God, the universe or mother nature sends us signs. I think signs are little reminders that come in the way of gut feelings, strange happenings, unexpected encounters and repetitive events. We don't always recognize these because we are all going at warp speed in this crazy world. Of course, I tell God all the time that I need my signs to be neon flashing and billboard size. When I slow down, or I am forced to slow down, I realize oh, THIS is what you've been trying to tell me.

I was reading Amy Willett's blog last night and it gave me shivers. She actually did get a big sign, in the form of a rainbow!

Congratulations Amy on finishing your treatments! You are a survivor!

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Wendy said...

I believe in those signs too!! But much like you, I need Neon Flashing ones sometimes.