Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy 75th Birthday, Dad

We celebrated Dad's 75th birthday at Cozyumels in Cool Springs on the 15th. Happy Birthday Dad!

Dad and Sherry left for a month long journey in Russia the next day. Please keep them in your prayers.


LuckyForward said...

Hooray for your Dad!

My father in law, whom I love dearly, has been having some memory problems as of late. My wife and her sister took him to his neurologist today, and while we do not know exactly what is going on, Alzheimer's, which runs in the family, has been ruled out.

We are thankful, hopeful, and prayerful.

Enjoy your Dad as long as you can!


Wendy said...

My Daddy turned 79 in August and Mother turned 78 a week after him.
So wonderful to see your Dad celebrating his 75th