Saturday, May 14, 2011

Not quite right...

I keep seeing this photo that someone creatively crafted using the Royal Couple and comparing them to Cinderella. While I do think it was a fairytale wedding and their are similarities, it's not completely accurate. Also, I feel a little bad for Fergie's girls. They are probably really sweet young ladies who just chose to wear odd hats and were photographed at unfortunate angles.
So to set the record's are actual photos from Cinderella. She had blonde hair and Charming didn't wear red. 
When Jenni was little she used to spend hours analyzing Disney princesses, and when I saw this comparison photo I knew something wasn't quite right.


Lisa said...

You're so right. Also, I have heard that Beatrice and Eugenie did not choose their hats. They were created by Philip Treacy and they may not have even seen them until the last minute. He is an extremely famous milliner in Britain and did most of the hats at the wedding. After causing such a huge sensation, Beatrice's infamous hat will be auctioned to raise money for Unicef. I kinda liked it, but only for that occasion, and probably only she could wear it, being 5th in line to the throne and all.

Jeffmac said...

OOH! Good catch on this, I never thought about somebody Photoshopping those pics just kind of gasped when my girls showed the to me.

Of course, with 3 daughters, I am about over the Royal Wedding!