Friday, May 6, 2011


Linda and Laura -sitting under an axe
I have two fabulous sisters. Linda arrived 14 months before me, so I have never known life without her. From what I hear, she was a little shocked when I arrived and I took some getting used to. Linda was born with strong organizational skills, her toys were put away neatly and her drawers were organized - this is when she was 3! I remember Mom saying she had to put us in separate bedrooms because I kept my living quarters too messy and this was causing sister friction. Other than that we were two peas in a pod -same haircuts, matching outfits, best friends. Of course we had a few moments as well - she tried to get me to pick up a ping pong ball sitting by a copperhead, considered stabbing me while we watched Dark Shadows (our babysitter was asleep) and cut off all my hair with pink paperdoll sissors, but this is normal sister behavior - right?

On Halloween week of 1974, Mom told us that she was going to have a baby. It was obvious she and Dad were shocked, but very happy. Linda and I were very excited and wanted to tell everyone we knew. I remember trick or treating and saying "My mom's going to have a baby!" and of course the person at the door would say "who are you, pull up that mask". I am sure we caused quite a stir of the Henderson social network that night.

don't be scared, let this goat lick your tiny hand

Babysitting and sunbathing

 In May of 75', tiny Lisa arrived! Looking back I don't know how she ever got any sleep. I remember bumping her crib and saying "she's moving, can I get her up?" 

We were so excited to have a little sister and playmate. We dressed her up, taught her weird words, fed her lots of popcorn and took her everywhere - even on some of our dates. Somehow she managed to grow up into a well-balanced beautiful lady.

Happy Birthday Linda and Lisa - I am proud to be your sister!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

That is such a sweet story!

Lisa Moore said...

Thanks! I am so blessed to have such wonderful sisters, and we are all blessed with a wonderful family -- a little crazy -- but wonderful! Whose family isn't a little crazy, right?

Wendy said...

That is so sweet!!! Loved it!!!