Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tornado season

Tornadoes are a part of life in the south. I remember as a small child, a tornado blew away our wooden fort that Dad had built us in our backyard. It didn't harm our house, but got the fort in the backyard. The fact that the wind got close enough to the house to destroy our fort made a big impression on me. I also remember being little and Mom telling us that we were going to have to take cover because there was a storm headed our way. Our "safe place" at that time was our hallway. Linda and I proceeded to take all the covers off the beds and pile them in the hallway. We literally took cover!

Tuscaloosa, Alabama tornado
This past week a F5 tornado went through the south. One of the areas that took a direct massive hit was Tuscaloosa. It was terrifying to see those images and know there were people we loved in the path of that huge swirling cloud of destruction. After several harrowing hours we did get the news that Aunt Jane, Uncle John, Hayley, Jonathan, Grayson, Beth and Louis had made it through safely. Lisa finally heard from her friends in the area and they are safe as well. Although, I hear Lana crawled in her dryer as the tornado took down most of her apartment complex.

Everyone has terrifying stories from that day and the photos of the damage are unbelievable and heartbreaking. Of course, there are many families that are also grieving, because many lives were lost that day. Please join me in supporting and praying for everyone touched by this storm.

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