Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another round of doctor visits...

Today was my routine every three month check up with Dr. Whitworth (breast surgeon). There was a mix up in my appointment times, so I had an hour and a half before they could see me. This actually ended up working in my favor, because my friend Kathy works very close to his office. I called and she met me at J.Alexander's for some delicious spinach dip and salad. 
Once back at the doctor, I saw Norma, the Nurse Practitioner and she did a physical exam to check for any signs of recurrence and pronounced me healthy! 

I'll see Dr. Peacock (Oncologist) on July 28th for lab work and yet another exam. I won't complain - as long as they keep giving me good reports.

Thank you for your continued prayers, love and support!

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Carmen said...

Yay! Another piece of good news! So happy for you Laura. XOXO