Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oncology check up

I saw Dr. Peacock today for an exam, x-ray and blood draw. She is very pleased with my progress and gave me the all clear again! I will see her again in October. She wasn't as pleased with the weight I've gained, but I assured her that I was getting back into the exercise and healthy eating routine. She is a firm believer in exercise 5 days a week to prevent recurrence.

I lost weight during chemo treatments, and got into the pattern of eating whatever I wanted - to the tune of 14 unwanted pounds - yuck! Hormone changes also played a bit in the weight gain as well, but I have to be honest - I have really enjoyed the taste of food the last few months as well. I told her about the Helping People Thrive program that I will be starting on August 10th and she thinks it is fantastic and just what I need. I also talked to her about my eyelash issue. She recommended a b complex for that. There is a new prescription med (Latrisse), but she said it is expensive and to try the vitamins first. 

I also went by and got my blood drawn for my Vitamin D level. Of course it was at another location, so I had to be stuck again. I feel like I've been sucked dry by the lab vampires today! I should hear back from that test in a week or so.

Thank you for everyone's continued prayers! 

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