Monday, July 20, 2009

Road trippin' with my sisters

Road trips are nothing new to me, I grew up in a family that firmly believed in road trips. We were raised to see the road trip as a time for exploration and adventure. Linda, Lisa and I decided it would be an adventure to drive to Texas and see the sights along the way. Linda brought her sons Franklin (13) and Michael (5) along with us. Also, one their cousins David, (also 13) came along. We did a lot of searching and there is just not a lot to offer between here and Dallas without going an hour or so off the interstate. We did find a few things to break up the trip.

Our first official stop, was at Graceland in Memphis. The boys had not been to Graceland, so we educated them on all things Elvis. We had pictures made by the gate, visited the shops, and ate at the diner. Lisa even ordered a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Then we headed across the Mississippi to Arkansas for a long rainy drive through that state. We did stop in Texarkana to visit the state line marker for photos. We also got a little lost in Texarkana - and not in the best part of town, but we found our way out and back to I-30. After a long 14 hour trip we arrived in Arlington and found our hotel. Dad and Sherry had flown down earlier that day, so they were tucked in and resting by the time we arrived.

Next time I will remember it is a very long drive from Nashville, Tennessee to Dallas, Texas!

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