Sunday, July 26, 2009

Daycation to Lynchburg

Some of my friends at work have decided we should start taking "daycations" whenever we get the chance. There are several options for day-trips from the Nashville area. This weekend was our first and we had a lot of fun. We headed out early Saturday morning to Lynchburg. We had lunch at Miss Mary Bo Bo's boarding house and then toured the famous distellary that put Lynchburg on the map.

The food at lunch was traditional southern fare and our northern friend Sean got his first taste of sweet tea and country ham. Our hostess Lila gave us a history lesson on the town of Lynchburg.

Jamie brought walkie talkies to use between cars and made a music road-mix to keep us entertained. I think our first day-trip was a huge success and we are exploring options for the next one already. Maybe mammoth cave?

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LisAnnT said...

Oh, it sounds like such a fun day!