Monday, July 20, 2009

Family Reunion at Jewel and Nancy's house

All the family gathered at Jewel and Nancy's house on Saturday for lunch and to spend time catching up with each other. We try to have reunions every two years, but a lot can happen in two years time. It certainly has for me. I was so glad all my aunts and uncles could be there and several of my first cousins. I needed to see those faces and hug their necks after the year I've had.

We had about 30-40 family members show up, which is a pretty good turn out considering we are spread out all over the country. We have a very loud, loving family and even though we don't see each other very often it's never awkward. We just pick up where we left off at the last gathering. Chadd (Lisa's boyfriend) came and Bradley brought his new bride Stephanie. I wonder what they think of our family - they seemed to hang in there and fit right in.

After lunch some of us headed to the grassy knoll, the sixth floor museum and to see the Los Colinas horses for an outing. It's a bit surreal to stand in the area where people saw Kennedy get shot and see all the documents and hear all the theories.

We then gathered again at dinner time for a full Texas spread of Brisket, Shrimp and all the fixins'. It was all delicious and I ate way to much. Jewel and Nancy did a great job playing hostesses for the event.
The group picture is of my generation of cousins.

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