Saturday, July 26, 2008

Be alert to all those signs around you...

I've told a few of you this, and someone suggested I blog it, so here is how it began.

My journey...I went to the dentist right after Christmas and she gave me a pink ribbon toothbrush. I thought "how nice". I got address labels from "Susan G. Komen" and put them in a drawer, with the rest of the address labels that arrive. I went to get contact solution a few months after that, and it had a pink ribbon on it and came with a pink case. I thought "I'll never be able to tell left from right" with that case. I went shopping and they didn't have the sweater I wanted in red, but they had it in hot pink, so I reluctantly tried it on and liked it. I even got compliments when I wore it. (my wardrobe consists of red/black and blue jean variances, so pink was new for me) I then went to Victoria's Secret's big spring sale. The bag I wanted in black wasn't on sale, but the hot pink one was, so I bought it instead. Chassi brought me a refill on my "Vanilla Latte" foam body wash from BeautiControl (thanks Tiffany) and it comes in a pink topped bottle. I was taking an extra long shower and enjoying the lather and awesome smell. That is when I found THE LUMP. I wasn't looking for it, but there it was and my gut told me something wasn't right about it.

So girls (and guys), pay attention to those things that God, Mother Nature and the Universe send you - whatever you want to call them - gut feelings, intuition or signs. I've always said I need my "signs" to be big neon flashing ones, but usually they are more subtle and you just have to be alert.

The day after I got my official diagnosis/biopsy results, I asked Jenni to get me out of the house. I wanted to go somewhere I wouldn't see anyone I knew, and become a basket case. She took me to this huge used book and CD store in West Nashville. I wandered the aisles looking for just that right book that would speak to me. I walked over to the CD section and there was Olivia Newton-John's CD, "Stronger than Before". It's the one she wrote just after her journey with breast cancer 15 years ago. That was my sign that I could do this treatment, and come out stronger than I was before. It's on my iPod and I listen to it when I walk and it inspires me. I'm a child of the 70's and 80's - and we all love Olivia anyway, and this is a fabulous CD. I'll be happy to share it with any of you who want to hear it. I made me a copy for the car and the house, so if I need a pick me up it is close by. I'm sure Bryan is sick of it.

I've lost some great women in my life to Breast Cancer - Ouida, Sonya and Pam are three of those. There are so many women out there that I didn't personally know, but their lives were cut too short due to this horrible disease. I've bought breast cancer stamps, I've walked in the "Komen for the Cure" walk. I have taken care of young mothers fighting this disease, and admired each and every one of them for their bravery. Being diagnosed has given me even more respect for all of you who have been affected by this.

I'm personally going to do all I can to help support the research and other women affected . I can't believe how far science has come since I left the field 10 years ago. The medications are much improved, and my treatments have not been that rough on me. I hope you will all join me to support the research to end cancer, so all of the women and men in our lives NEVER have to go through any of this.

I'm planning on walking October 4th in the "Komen for the Cure" walk here in Nashville, anyone want to join me?

Thank you all for letting me ramble,


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Catherine said...

I'm walking with you Oct 4th!! love you