Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday the 14th

Sunday was a very low energy day for me. I don't think I ever got out of my pajamas. Dr. Peacock had warned me it would hit me a couple of days after treatment. I guess I was hoping she was wrong, because I had felt so good on Saturday. I'm feeling better today, just trying not to over-do. I had a office visit this morning to have my expanders filled some more, that isn't comfortable, but it usually gets better after a day or so.

Also, my brother in law Alan lost his big sister Kay on Sunday. Kay has been battling cancer and other health conditions for some time now. Please keep the Bivens/Williams families in your prayers.

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sherry said...

Laura, We continue to keep you in our prayers and thoughts. Today was a therapy day for me and then I helped a little with Michael. He learned to water the flowers and watch for hummingbirds. We fed the birds some cracker crumbs and place a birdbath for them. He loved the little watering can. I let him water the grass, too! I will go to my orthopedic doctor on Wednesday for possible injection in the joint. I think it the injury has brought on some bursitis. Chelsea is at Horizons while Franklin is at camp. They both seem to be having fun. Love, Sherry