Wednesday, July 30, 2008

When it rains it pours...

When it rains it pours...quite literally. It rained buckets today and Jenni and I got caught out in it. We had gone to pick up my disability check from work. When we finally made it home in the rain we got a call that her VW bug needs major expensive repairs, that none of us were prepared for. But tomorrow...the sun will shine and the grass will be better for the rain, and cars can be fixed or replaced. My baby girl (ok she's 20 but she is still my baby) is trying to decide if she should just move home temporarily to save money and fix her car. Pray for her tonight!

I however, have felt pretty good considering my counts are low. I wish I could solve all the problems, but I just have to trust all the right decisions will be made and try not to worry.


Kickin' Cancer said...

I have you in my prayers as I understand from your sister we're going through this together. I hope you're doing well. Linda keeps me informed about you each time we speak. God Bless and continued healing

Laura Thomas Hall said...

Linda told me about you too. Ditto on the prayers. Stay strong -we will get through this!