Saturday, July 12, 2008

Feeling good

So far so good, no problems. My face is a bit flushed, and I have a small bit of indigestion, much like I do when I over-indulge in Mexican food. We had a nice dinner of Chicken Parm and baked potatoes last night - Thank you Tara! It was nice not to have to cook after that long day at the doctor.

Thursday night our friend Chris took us out to eat at South Street and then I got to go hear the "Sowing Circle" (Bryan) play for an hour. It gets a little smoky in there, so I didn't stay too long. This is a group of musicians that get together to jam every Thursday night.
Before their show started, they were playing the "Safety Suit" cd over the PA. If you haven't heard them before check them out. My friend Carmen's husband is the lead singer. They are four really talented guys who went to ORU together, built a band and have signed a deal with Universal. (does this story sound familiar to anyone?) They are out touring right now, so support them if you see them in your town. They do a fantastic live show.

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