Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beautiful weekend

It has been a beautiful summer weekend. Friday night we had dinner on the patio at our new neighborhood Mongolian Stir fry with Bryan's sister Deanna. It's always nice to spend time with family catching up. Deanna moved to Lebanon a few months ago when her husband was deployed to Iraq. Bryan's parents live in Lebanon, so they are close by to help with the grand kids.
It is fabulous that technology has come so far. She and the kids can text and skype Dan to stay in touch while he is away. That has to be comforting to see his face and let him see theirs. It makes me think of my grandfather who was in WWI. I"m sure his family just had to wait on letters or telegrams to know where he was and if he was safe.

Bryan and I went for a walk on Saturday morning at a local park, there was a steady breeze and the sun was shining. I wore my heart rate monitor to make sure I was in the right range. I can tell my endurance is increasing and I am actually getting used to exercising every day. That's something I wasn't sure would happen.

Saturday night, we tried our new neighborhood Blue Coast Burrito. I'm sure this will become one of our new favorite places. Great food, outdoor dining option and great prices, plus it is owned by some of our Whitver friends - The Osborns.

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