Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Great neighbors

Saturday night we attended a fabulous party in our neighborhood hosted by Candy and David. They had a huge food spread and I'm sure I exceeded my daily recommended calorie intake, but everything was so delicious. I also connected with a neighbor I had not met. Her name is Kim and she lives a few houses down from me. She is a 7 year (triple negative) breast cancer survivor, and we even have the same Oncologist. It's always comforting to meet fellow cancer survivors, and to have her right down the street will be great. I am positive we will become great friends.

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Anonymous said...

I know we will be great friends, too, Laura! I really can't get over what a wonderful time I had with you and your hubby!!! The party was awesome, and David and Candy really know how to have a good one. You are truly inspirational on SO many levels, and I am honored to know you and call you a friend!
Kim Clutsam